Monday, 18 December 2017

Mall Girl's Guide to Survival: 5 tips on how to survive festive shopping

Yes, I'm a terrible blogger. No, I will not stop trying!

Heeeeeeeeeey to all you festive peeps! I have great hope that everyone is enjoying this joyous and festively merry time of year! Friends, food, laughter and most importantly; shopping!

Over the years, I've slowly gathered an abundance of knowledge on malls; the sales, best take-away times and how to avoid rude customers and their Grinch-like behavior. I figured, with it being Christmas and all, why not share a little bit of Christmas spirit and dish out on some of the things I've learnt.

Here's 5 Top Tips on how to survive shopping malls this festive season:

1. Lead with an arm and keep your handbag close to you: In a busy crowd? Can't seem to get through? Stick your hand out and disperses the crowd. This not only signals intention to move but also makes said bunch of people very uncomfortable thus resulting in an immediate split of crowds in an area. While doing this, keep your handbag close to you; possibly in front of you if you have a sling bag or under your coat; also making sure that your bag is zipped/inaccessible. Guys, keep your wallets buried deep inside your pockets or girlfriend's handbag.

2. Leave your kids at home: With a trusted adult of course; grandma, trusted friend or babysitter. Your hopefully purposeful shopping experience will be rewarded by not having to constantly be mindful of another tiny human being alongside you or said tiny human being irritating the crap out of other shoppers. Spoil your little human being with a treat once you're back home.

3. Shop in the a.m: There is a beautiful time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas; the time before school is out and just before the decorations are out. This time of year is the perfect time to shop and promptly before 1pm; take note people that this time is the time you want to be shopping; when malls are quiet and you have the freedom of movement between isles. While that time has passed. the cardinal rule of shopping the morning still allows you an arm length of time/freedom and the ability to pay bills and shop in a clothing store before everything goes to shit. Not to mention the beautiful choice of Christmas goodies in food markets; I mean try getting a dozen cinnamon doughnuts after 10am at Woolworths i.e. not gonna happen!

4. Food: Do not attempt to sit down and part-take in what would seem like a beautiful brunch of sorts with your girlfriends or significant other. This will result, in most cases an utter disaster; rude waiters, sloppy food and waiting around forever for a table in order to enjoy a 1.5 hour meal that often leaves one unsatisfied and not wanting to come back to the restaurant again; 9 times out of 10 it is a fabulous restaurant that is unfortunately victim to the holiday season and it's woes for mall staff. So simply take yourself to a quick take-away and grab some food for on the go; a wrap, smoothie, sandwich; whatever that doesn't need cutlery. Better yet, eat at home; it saves you the time and money.

5. Pack light, wear the right shoes, plan ahead: So throwing in a bunch of advice into one tip. Prepare! Christmas shopping is serious business people and we all know if you plan on throwing a fantastic Christmas lunch or giving some kick-ass presents this year, we need to know what the hell we're doing. Therefore, free your hands by packing a little handbag/sling bag with the necessities; cash, cards, tissues and some hand-sanitizer; 3 out of 5 people catch colds at this time of year out of sheer disrespect of human boundaries i.e. sneezing in your hands and touching the escalator handle etc; the world is brutal people; come prepared! Wear flat comfortable shoes; this is no brainerl I shall not explain further. Prepare yourself, make your shopping lists, plan the route of shops you're going to visit and space yourself out to make sure you have enough time to visit your favourite stores!

So there, I hope everyone that everyone reading has a pleasant festive period, full of rest, food and love. Take it easy and don't forget to share your top holiday tips below!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Get Real

Let's get real here for a second?

It's Sunday, 14:34pm South African time and here I sit with unwashed hair, sniffling through my sinus congested nose while attempting to plan my week.

But get this? I can't. I can't today and thinking about the week ahead is almost too much. Do you feel like that too? Maybe not today, maybe not yesterday either but there was probably a time in the past, probably will be a time in future and it's okay. It's okay to feel this way and I'm really reaching a place of peace within myself and around me, that sometimes it is okay to take a break.

There is a possibility that "society" or life around us put a sense of pressure on us and we feel the necessity to bow to that. But perhaps today you should take a minute to collect yourself and calm the fu*k down for once? You don't have to have it together 24/7, 365 days a year, because we all need a break.

I started a new job 2 months ago (yay!); yes, leaving behind #MallGirlProblems was hard enough and adjusting to new a life, new working hours, new wardrobe (definitely not as glam as you think) and new problems/ learning lessons every day is hard enough. But this new experience teaches me something new about life everyday, teaches me how to grow up and how to be.

I'm not sure if anyone else has struggled with this, but here's me, putting out another problem into the universe. Do you ever struggle with finding who you're meant to be, how you're meant to dress. how you're meant to act in the world. I mean, who are you really? #YoungPeopleProblems perhaps?

This is a question Sash in Between has struggled with. Turning 23 and living through 9 months of it, still unable to figure things out has had me on end about life from the word "go". I double I will figure it out in the near future but here are a few things I've learnt from being ever confused about this whole adolescent to adult thing:

  • Live actively. This step is simpler than you think, it doesn't involve dumbbells or treadmills unless you want it to. Over the last 3 years I found myself on autopilot with certain aspects of my life. I went with it; the saying "only dead fish go with the flow" and I was the dead fish. Up until I realised that I don't know who I am or what I want because I had no active interest in finding out. That changes once you take an active role in your life. Look at what you're doing, what you're eating and how you eat, look at colours around you and what you surround yourself with. Its simpler than it sounds. You just have to live with your eyes open. 
  • What do you enjoy doing? What would you enjoy doing the moment you get up? A friend of mine asked me this question a few days when I spoke about what I thought I wanted to do after school. Now isn't it sad that not everyone does what they want, even though we all have the capabilities and more than often, the talent to pursue our dreams. I feel like this is one of the finer details of life that people often neglect. Don't let life overcome your dream if you have one.
  • Eat well. Eat happy. No, don't eat a tub of ice-cream in one go, space it out over a week rather? Your eating affects your life. I'm not going to preach or advocate you eat a bowl of salad at 12pm every day. Eat what you want but be aware of how it affects your body. Not everybody can handle a cup of coffee every morning, not everyone can eat breakfast. Life is such that food affects us differently. I've found that to be huge factor in my life recently. 
  • Take a break, breathe, regenerate. Life is hard ya'll. We burn out, we don't want to be alive every second of every day sometimes. Really feel what you're feeling whether it's anger, love or pain. The moment you start rejecting what you feel is when you go numb, when your life switches onto autopilot and when you start thinking that life is just something we have to get through till we eventually die. Don't let it be that way.
  • For the love of God and all that is precious in the world, stop reading those "5 things that powerful/ organised/punctual women/men do to get through the day", it will only confuse the sh*t out of you and what/how you're supposed to be in the world which essentially; is who you create yourself to be. So don't let anyone tell you how to life your life unless you're like 5 and your parents take care of you, no joke; listen to your parents; you are not molded enough to make decisions yet. 
So I don't claim to know all the answers. In fact I'm far from it. I'm 23 and no where close to having my life/soul organised But I hope that this is somewhat helpful to those in the same boat as I am. 

Share your journey in the comments down below, 
Till next time kitties! 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Stud earrings DIY storage

Heeeeeeeey everyone!

I haven't been around much the blog world lately but here's a quick DIY to catch up on the weekend!

For now I wanted to throw out a quick DIY post; so quick and organised you'll have your mind blown instantly!

I'm one of those people that have an everlasting; ever growing collection of stud earrings for work, leisure and date days when my poor tire earlobes can't carry a set of chandeliers or droopy beaded works of art. A variety of definitely more than 20 pairs of study earrings. The average jewelry lover often finds themselves in a bit of a pickle and opts to buy the set of 4 for merely a single pair that they initially wanted, But what happens when your favourite pair get lost among a dark abyss of earring hell only because you pack all of them in a single storage container or displace unit?

Honestly speaking most of us pop our earrings off and leave them either on your dresser or bedside table and barely manage to locate them when you want to use them again. So what do you do?

You organize of course!

Here's a quick trick to store all your earrings in one place while you can still display it.

  • All you'll need is some cardboard; preferably a4 size depending on how many pairs of earrings you have.
  • A pin
  • Some earrings 

The basic guidelines on how to do this is simple:
Take your pin and simply pop pairs of holes into your cardboard. I used some old cardboard I had from some previous craft work and eventually got tired of it ( so please mind the presstick glue stains, I assure you it doesn't make a difference unless it's affecting the integrity/strength of the board). Make sure that there's enough space between them to ensure that you can easily screw them securely at the back.

And that's it! You're done! Plug in all your earrings and you finally have a way to keep everything in one spot.
You can string up the cardboard depending on how thick and sturdy your cardboard is. Put it on display by hanging it on a hook or place it on a shelf. It's entirely up to you!

Hoping this simple tutorial helps you with your storage goals in future!

See you soon!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Wondrous Wonder Woman: A Movie Review

Heeeeeeey everyone!

So I managed to catch a screening of Wonder Woman this weekend and it was spectacular!

Honestly, I was seriously nervous and went in without much expectation knowing almost 0 about what the story-line would bring apart from the majestic trailers and theatrical posters released, I was pleasantly surprised around 120 minutes later walking out the theatre.

So in spoiler free fashion here's a quick review of the movie and a few reasons I'd advise you to get viewing:

  • Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman does have an origin story and this is it! One of many reasons being we get a peak into her life before she became girl wonder. It explores her home, her "birth" and adolescent lifestyle before departing the beautiful Thermiscyra to explore her destiny.
  • Wonder Woman has much to do with Greek mythology. If you're into that then it's a must watch and if you're not fear not, the movie does not dwell too much in it however does hold much prominence in a few key characters.
  • Harry Potter fans will see a familiar face; David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin our beloved Werewolf playing a prominent part in a small but important duration of the movie. 
  • The movie takes place in World War 1, a time in which "Wonder Woman" first makes an appearance. If your question is when and how did Diana Prince become Wonder Woman then this movie is your answer.
  • There's tons of action. Gal Gadot's training regime comprised of a number of dedicated hours per day in which her transformation took place. She served a period of training in her defense force for Israel, her country of birth. Gal was actually pregnant for a small duration of shooting! Now that's some serious real life Wonder Woman ish! 
  • Romance abound, chemistry sparks between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. Chris Pine has definitely come a long way since his Princess Diaries days and depicts the perfect opposite for Gal with his character as Steve Trevor; an American Spy who's been sent to Germany to retrieve secrets and ends up being rescued by Diana.
  • If you're anything like myself and find weird parallels in things then you'll find a large likeliness in Captain America after watching Wonder Woman; the timing and a certain set of actions.
  • Strangely enough I find similarity in God Of War; the Playstation 2 and 3 game in which is deeply set in Greek mythology but still has bits of innovation thrown into the mix.
  • Feminists Unite. I can't stress enough the power of feminism portrayed in this movie for the right reasons,
So there, go to your nearest movie house and catch this flick with your girlfriends, family or your man, there's very little room for disappointment and even if you're not a superhero fan, it's still a movie to simply catch for beautiful dialogue, immaculate stunts and setting while maintaining an amazing level beautiful cinema! 

South African viewer's were lucky to receive complimentary Wonder Woman sunglasses if you booked at Ster Kinkekor IMAX 3D cinemas. Stocks are limited so get yourself to one near you!

Life Update:
It's been a while since I've gotten a blog post up, in my defense it's been one of those years where things don't necessarily go to plan and you don't really get to do the things you love. But alas, I'm back after studying a short course and completing my degree and while now having some time for myself I'd like to kick it back to good old blog posting and browsing for hours on end. If there's anything you'd like to read about, then feel free to drop me a good old comment. While that's in the mix I have a few more DIY's and perfume reviews coming up so keep ya eyes peeled!

Catch ya soon kitties!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Krispy Kreme In Durban!

So better late than never hey!

For most of you know already that it’s been a few weeks since Krispy Kreme has opened it’s very tiny doors to Durban citizens and I couldn’t help myself, being a #MallGirl and all that; found myself, dragging significant other in tow to indulge in the sinful sweetness huddled in the quaint corner of the busy Gateway mall.
Following the eventful 24 hour sleep-out that ended in one person being the winner of a dozen glazed donuts every week I vowed to coddle in the corrupt ways of sugar and fat filled goodness. Because we all deserve a little sweetness in our lives right?

Being no stranger to the beauties of donuts I’ve devoured dozens of “Wicked donuts” following their opening in Gateway sometime last year I decided to give our new friends a try.
We found ourselves in the midst of many friendly, inviting faces upon opening at promptly 7am on the boulevard, the fresh baked goodness smell filled our noses paired with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee it was a match made in heaven!

The rows of donuts smiled back, waiting to be chosen; eaten right there or taken home in a little packet or boxes of 6 or 12. They were made to perfection; down to the last one of them.

From top left: Peppermint crisp, New York Cheesecake,Chocolate iced glaze, original glazed and again peppermint crisp
Second row: Chocolate brownie, Milk tart, red velvet cake, Power rangers special edition and chocolate brownie again
Third Row: Chocolate iced custard, Cookies and kreme, peanut butter krunch, powdered strawberry and again chocolate iced custard
Fourt row: Chocolate iced rainbow sprinkles, Sugar coated, bar one, cinnamon ring and again chocolate iced rainbow sprinkles

Merchandise also available in store!

From a selection of beauties I’d personally chosen the cookies and kreme; one particular donut covered in white chocolate and white chocolate bits and a little chocolate powder; toppings tasting sweet while the donut holding it reserved the light and fluffy taste of a perfectly crafted donut and secondly, if that wasn’t decadent enough a chocolate brownie donut; a brownie shaped donut covered in chocolate and chocolate shavings. See the trend and inability of me trying something weirdly differently and “out there”? In my defense I didn't know the chocolate brownie was more brownie than donut.

Keeping in tradition. The boyfriend’s choices were spot on; a thoughtful refreshing choice in the chocolate mint donut; a chocolate covered donut topped with pieces of crispy mint candy and the rather decadent New York cheesecake; i.e see picture up abov because this donut cannot be described to it’s standard *Insert heart eye emoji right here*

All of that plus 2 filter coffees because we couldn’t handle anymore self-indulgence in a milkshake or rich hot drink.

The donuts range from:
Glazed: R9.90. This is simply a glazed donut. But do not underestimate its power to satisfy you.
Assorted: R12.90. These a little more decadent; often topped with goodies like the cookies and kreme
Gourmet: R15.90. These less said about these. the better. They're filled with wholesome goodness ranging from vanilla custard to cheesecake filling. 

The final verdict: I’d rate them a strong 8 out of 10. The creativity and holiday donuts are amazing to a point of pure genius while the donut mix is light and fluffy sort of melt in your mouth. If you’re looking to spoil your tastebuds in sinful pleasure then Krispy Kreme is the choice.

There’s a loyalty program too!
An everlasting love affair should probably result once you’re captured by the donuts. We’ve been another time choosing the Easter theme donuts which were equally delicious. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Gateway Brand Ambassador Reveal

Heeeeeeeeey everyone!

I'm back with a bit of a different type of blog post not often found "in between". I had the lovely pleasure of joining some fancy people over at Garden Court in Umhlanga where the 2017 Gateway Brand Ambassador Challenge would finally reach it's end. After some grueling and event filled searching all over Durban, the Gateway management team would find 2 souls to represent the life and leisure that Gateway as a brand represents as a whole. So out of hundreds of applicants and a number of hard work filled selections, 6 final applicants were chosen and the final winners revealed at this special event.

As one of the sponsors, some of the Nail-It team were asked to be present at the fun filled reveal (yay!)

So there we were!

The event kicked off with drinks and snacks of which were utterly stunningly presented. The staff and people were friendly and the weather played along magnificently as the event was being held on the pool deck outside.

 Some of the sponsors were Ster Kinekor, RJs, Kryolan, Nail-It and Beluga to only name a few.

 The selected winners would receive all these goodies displayed. From new phones to food vouchers, it was a selection to be mega jealous of!

2016 winners!

The program kicked off with Terence Pillay playing host to some of Gateway's marketing team, the 6 contestants and last year's winners handing over some strong advice to 2 of the soon to be winners.

Following the formalities the winners were revealed:Pelisha Somiah and Loius Hazelhurt.
Get used to these faces Durbanites you'll be seeing them around often.

In other news:
So after numerous change around's on the blog I think I'm almost satisfied with the layout. It's been quite an arduous journey and obviously there's much to do but I'm super stoked with it so far! Any suggestions are more than welcome!

See you next week!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

A Day At The Zoo


A record amount of 2 blog posts this month! Can you ever! 

Recently in odd ends of spending more time on the road/out the house. I decided to haul myself and parents out of our convenient/comfortable weekend norm at home in front of the telly and enjoying glorious air conditioning in our lovely sunny South African summers. 

We decided to go to zoo... 

Now, one may think; this is South Africa; the safari, the bush! It isn't difficult to find animals out in the open, but yes, be surprised dear tourists! You're going to unfortunately drive through a few bumpy roads to get to the glorious bush-lands of animal dwellings. 

We decided to get to the nearest zoo/lion park situated in Pietermaritzburg; the Natal Zoological Gardens. Boasting a large amount of birds, critters and giant felines. 

Sunday being of the best days to venture into the wild, we left a little after 10am, it being a little under an hour's journey. 

The zoo boasts a huge parking area which is free of charge however the entry fee for adults are R60.00 and kiddies R40.00. 
The zoo is open from 9am in the morning to 4pm in the evening and even has a little cafe/coffee place inside if you want to take a little break between seeing all the animals. 

A few tips for your trips: 
  • Take sunscreen or an umbrella; it can get pretty hot in the midlands
  • Pack a picnic basket for yourself and family; there are picnic areas; just don't feed animals
  • A bottle of water is your best friend.
  • If you can help it, go on a cloudy day. You'll see more animals
  • Wear comfortable shoes to walk around the zoo with. The terrain isn't flat.
  • Go with a good camera and remember to charge/take a spare battery with.
  • Pack light if you're not picnicking. I made the biggest mistake of carrying a large tote bag with no food

The range of animals included tigers, leopards, a large array of birds and little farm animals like chickens and bunnies. 

You can also purchase zoo poop for R40.00 a bag.

So there, go check it out for yourself! for all the directions!
Drop a comment if you have any questions!
Until next time.
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